Not-spicy Hotpots in Chengdu

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What images come to mind if you think of an experience of Chengdu hotpot?
What images come to mind if you think of an experience of Chengdu hotpot? Yes, you envision a feast of the red boiling soup, the assortment of endless dishes, many of which even unheard of, and the fiery taste, a tempting picture to those spicy-toothed people yet a daunting one to those who prefer non-spicy foods. The good news for them, however, is that the city also boasts a plenty of hotpot choices of milder but also flavorful tastes ― hot, but not spicy.
Jianyang Mutton Soup
Every Winter Solstice the city stages the annual ritual of eating mutton dishes and drinking mutton soup. The most famous and popular mutton soup is from Jianyang City in southeastern Chengdu, noted for the milk-white soup and tender meat.
credit to:哈鄂新月
Pork and Radish Soup
This hearty and tasty pork rib soup with radish and mushroom is a perfect hotpot to help warm you up in the winter and is known for the functions to improve digestion. The combination of radish, carrots and pork provides it a very comforting sweet taste.
Tomato Hotpot
This is a warm dish with chunks of tender beef tenderloin cooked to perfection in a rich, flavorful veggie sauce and served on a base of creamy mash.
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