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Online Catering, Online Tourism and Life Services Ranked Top 3 in Online Service Retail for the First 4 Months

Chengdu hands out digital money

Chengdu, Sichuan province, issued 200,000 digital red envelopes, making the western city the fourth to issue digital currency.

Business News 2021-07-30

New economy a key driver of Chengdu's economic growth

Chengdu has developed the new economy as a driver for city growth.

Business News 2021-07-30

Chengdu Ranks 35th in the Global Financial Centres Index

Chengdu ranked 35th (moved up from 43rd in 2020) among the world's leading 114 financial hubs according to the 29th edition of the Global Financial Centers Index (GFCI 29) report released on March 17.

Business News 2021-07-30

New in Chengdu: New Economy Sharing Conference to be Held

A batch of new opportunities will be unveiled at this conference.

Business News 2021-07-30

Many First Stores Introduced to Chengdu in Q1 2021

Many first stores were introduced to Chengdu in Q1 2021.

Business News 2021-07-30

Chengdu Ranked No.8 in Appeal to Talent

Chengdu ranked No.8 among cities in China in terms of appeal to talent.

Business News 2021-07-30

China's Chengdu Sees 5,000 Trips by China-Europe Freight Trains

Chengdu, capital of southwest China's Sichuan Province, has seen more than 5,000 accumulative trips made by China-Europe freight trains since the Chengdu route was launched in April 2013, according to the train service operator.

Business News 2021-07-29

Chengdu Future Science and Technology City Development Service Bureau Established

Chengdu Future Science and Technology City Development Service Bureau ushers in a new phase in the development of Chengdu Future Science and Technology City.

Business News 2021-07-29

Chengdu Opens 277 New Stores Including 53 First Stores

Is there a brand that you are looking forward to?

Business News 2021-07-29