Chengdu Prepares for Spring Festival

Three Projects in Chengdu Win Tien-yow Jeme Civil Engineering Prize

Recently, the 19th Tien-yow Jeme Civil Engineering Prize, the top award in China for civil engineering projects, was announced. A total of 43 projects were selected in the list, including three projects in Chengdu.

News 2022-01-20

Airbus to Set Up Aircraft Lifecycle Center in Chengdu

Airbus plans to establish a center providing aircraft transition services in Chengdu to manage the entire "lifecycle" of aircraft, including dismantling and recycling.

News 2022-01-19

Chengdu Exhibition Shows Wealth, Fortune in Chinese Culture

It is now two weeks to the Spring Festival (Chinese New Year), and Chengdu Museum has been permeated with a holiday atmosphere.

News 2022-01-18

Soak up Hanfu Culture on Xiling Snow Mountain

Recently, the 2nd International Festival of Hanfu Culture came to Xiling Snow Mountain, attracting many hanfu enthusiasts.

News 2022-01-17

Chengdu: China's Emerging First-Tier City Most Popular Among New College Graduates

Chengdu and other emerging first-tier cities in China have become the most popular destinations among fresh graduates seeking jobs, China Youth Daily reported recently.

News 2022-01-17

Chengdu Owns Two World's Busiest Routes in 2021

Based on the number of arriving flights in operation, the world's Top 20 busiest routes in 2021 have been revealed, with two bidirectional routes related to Chengdu on the list.

News 2022-01-16

Streets of Chengdu Selected in National Tourism, Leisure Blocks List

Jinli Ancient Street, Wide and Narrow Alleys, and Chunxi Road were included in the first batch of 55 blocks for tourism and leisure purposes, according to a national-level list released by China's Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

News 2022-01-14

Art Fair Featuring Urban Culture to Be Launched in Chengdu

UniUltraUrban Art Fair or U3 Art Fair will be held in Chengdu's central park with works from more than 150 galleries and popular culture brands.

News 2022-01-11

Mariatu: An African "Black Pearl" Loves China, Learns Magical Face Changing

Mariatu Kargbo, popularly known as the "Black Pearl of China", is from Sierra Leone, Africa.

News 2022-01-11