Memorial Site of Ancient Chinese Poet Du Fu Under Maintenance

Guozhuang Dance Enthusiasts' Party in Chengdu

Guozhuang, which means singing and dancing in a circle, is a traditional Tibetan dance. During leisure time, Tibetans of all ages often gather in circles, gracefully dancing to the rhythmic beats. 

News 2023-12-28

Chinese Acupuncture Can Treat Chronic Urticaria, Study Finds

Chinese acupuncture has been found effective in treating patients with chronic urticaria, according to a study published on November 13, 2023 in Annals of Internal Medicine.

News 2023-12-27

China's Happiest City Eyes High-Quality Development

Topping the list of the Happiest Cities in China for the 15th straight year, Chengdu is trying to create better lives for its residents through high-quality development.

News 2023-12-20

Chengdu to Host 2027 Artistic Gymnastics World Championships

Chengdu will host the 2027 Artistic Gymnastics World Championships, according to officials here on Saturday.

News 2023-12-10

Giant Panda Pair Back to China From Britain

Giant pandas Yang Guang and Tian Tian arrived in Chengdu on Tuesday morning, after wrapping up their stay in Britain.

News 2023-12-06

World's First 20-story Unmanned Veggie Farm Launched in Chengdu

China has made new progress in vertical farming by launching its first "autonomous veggie factory" in Chengdu.

News 2023-12-06

Conference in Chengdu Highlights 'Sport Plus Culture' Development Strategy

The China Chengdu Life Sports Conference has opened in Chengdu, with the aim of discussing better integration of an urban city's sport and cultural scenes.

News 2023-12-01

U.S. Students Participate in China Education Tour in Chengdu

Over 20 U.S. students, participating in the China Education Tour, experienced a hands-on introduction to high-temperature superconducting (HTS) maglev technology in Chengdu.

News 2023-11-16

2023 World Expo in Chengdu Shows Diverse Chinese Cultural Heritages, Promotes Global Communication

Aiming at sharing China's experiences in cultural heritage conservation with the world, the 2023 World Expo on Cultural Heritage Conservation and Rehabilitation, a gala that highlights numerous A-list Chinese museums, will be held in Chengdu.

News 2023-11-15