Happy Life in Chengdu

Hair Tattoo Artist in Chengdu

Happy Life in Chengdu in the Eyes of Sister Cities: A Safe, Comfortable and Prosperous Metropolis

Impression of Chengdu was indelible on a beautiful lady from Lviv.

Happy Life in Chengdu 2021-05-06

My Chengdu Story

I can pinpoint the exact moment that I first felt at home in Chengdu.

Happy Life in Chengdu 2016-04-09

Glen Walter: I Have Confidence in Chengdu

We decided to locate the World of Coca-Cola here because we have much confidence in it.

Happy Life in Chengdu 2015-06-08

Joseph Hope: Why I Choose Chengdu

Joseph Hope, who grew up on the western coast of the United States, decided to stay in Chengdu after ending his study to Chengdu.

Happy Life in Chengdu 2019-11-19

Chengdu in Eyes of Foreign Students

As the first innovative program for overseas students in China, Chengdu American Center for Study Abroad was co-established in 2012 by the Chengdu Municipal Government and Global Maximum Educational Opportunities Inc. (G-MEO).

Happy Life in Chengdu 2019-07-19

US Singer Makes His Hot Pot Song an Online Hit

Having Lived in Chengdu for 13 years, American singer Ramon Colon made a famous song named “Hot Pot” last year, telling his love for hot pot and Chengdu.

Happy Life in Chengdu 2018-12-04

Feel Like Living in My Home Country

Kim Kwang-gi does not feel like he is living in a foreign country after having been in Chengdu for one and half years.

Happy Life in Chengdu 2018-09-30

Sports Fans Make SHIFT Day in Chengdu

The third SHIFT Day took place on June 11 at Shuijing Tang in Chengdu.

Happy Life in Chengdu 2017-06-14

Excited to Continue My Travels in Chengdu

As an overseas student from the g-MEO Chengdu American Center for Study Abroad, Katherine Kurylko studies at Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey, Florham campus.Here is what she wrote about her experience since she came to Chengdu this autumn.

Happy Life in Chengdu 2018-10-18