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Bamboo Museum in Chengdu's Qionglai City, a Place to Know Bamboo Craftsmanship and Culture

The Bamboo Museum in Qionglai, Chengdu, attracts many visitors to experience the unique Sichuan bamboo culture.

Must Go 2022-06-01

Guide to Watch Sunrise in Longquan Mountain

Watching the sunrise in Longquan Mountain is becoming popular among Chengdu people.

Must Go 2022-05-21

Another Landmark-to-be in Sichuan Tianfu New Area: Futuristic Unicorn Island

The design concept of the Unicorn Island, avant-garde, innovative, diversified and flexible, is able to adapt to different needs.

Must Go 2022-05-10

World Heritage Sites in Chengdu: Dujiangyan

Dujiangyan Irrigation System, situated in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, has been serving the role of flood control and irrigation for more than 2,000 years.

Must Go 2022-04-15

Six Best Viewing Points of Lady Banks' Rose in Season

On March 30, the Chengdu Municipal Park City Construction Administration issued the "Guide to Finding Scent of Flowers", taking everyone to visit the six best viewing points of Lady Banks' rose in Chengdu.

Must Go 2022-04-08

Museum With the Theme of Sichuan Cuisine

Tourists can fully experience the cutting technique, heating and cooking process of Sichuan Cuisine in the museum.

Must Go 2022-03-22

Plan Your Flowers-Appreciating Tour to Chengdu Longquan Mountain Urban Forest Park in Spring

Chengdu Longquan Mountain Urban Forest Park is ideal for having an outing in spring, as urban dwellers can feel the warmth and beauty of the season when the flowers blossom in the areas.

Must Go 2022-02-25

First Floating Park in Chengdu to Open

A newly-built park, Furong Island Park, on the waters of the Jinjiang River, is about to open to the public soon.

Must Go 2022-02-08

Streets of Chengdu Selected in National Tourism, Leisure Blocks List

Jinli Ancient Street, Wide and Narrow Alleys, and Chunxi Road were included in the first batch of 55 blocks for tourism and leisure purposes, according to a national-level list released by China's Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Must Go 2022-01-14