Banking on History - Jiaozi Financial Museum Put Into Trial Operation
Author: Chengdu Daily 2022-05-16

On May 11, the Jiaozi Financial Museum was officially put into trial operation. Jiaozi banknote is the world's first paper money, born in Chengdu in the early years of the Northern Song Dynasty, more than 600 years before the emergence of European paper money. It inspired the development of paper money in later generations and can be called an important milestone in the history of human currency.


(Photo by Jiaozi Financial Museum via Wechat)


Jiaozi Financial Museum is located in Jiaozi Park, east of Tianfu Avenue in Chengdu, with a total construction area of 4226 square meters and an exhibition area of nearly 1800 square meters. There are more than 620 pieces of early ancient banknotes on display.


(Photo by Jiaozi Financial Museum via Wechat)


It consists of two permanent exhibition areas. Among them, one mainly shows the development and evolution of ancient currency before the birth of Jiaozi and the historical background at that time. Another one focuses on the theme of the management system of the Jiaozi banknote, the printing and anti-counterfeiting technology, and the influence of Jiaozi on later generations of banknotes.


(Photo by Chengdu Daily)


The museum creates a well-designed environmental atmosphere, using lighting and sound effects. Somatosensory interaction, AR, VR, and mini-games such as "Design Your Own Jiaozi" make a multi-sensory historical journey to the audience.


(Photo by Chengdu Daily)



Opening hours:



9:00-17:00 (Last entry at 16:00) on Tuesday to Sunday (closed on Mondays, excluding holidays)



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Metro Station:  Incubation Park 



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