Chengdu Thrives as International Gateway Hub
Author: China Daily 2022-01-24

More than 300 out of Fortune Global 500 companies are operating in Chengdu, making Chengdu rank first among cities in central and western China.


Chengdu has endeavored to boost the nation's opening-up policy and is building an inland open highland and an international gateway hub. It is also working to optimize its business environment and improve its ability to attract talents and investments around the globe.


In 2021, Chengdu attracted a large number of multinational companies, including many well-known Fortune Global 500 companies.


Chengdu also ranked first in a list of the most attractive cities for investment in 2021.


(Photo by Pixabay)


Since 2021, Chengdu has seized the strategic opportunity in the construction of the Chengdu-Chongqing economic circle. It did so by expanding external channels, developing the economy in a more open manner, building a solid carrier for opening-up and cooperation, creating a first-class business environment, and deepening reform in key areas.


The city is enhancing the ability to mobilize international resources, accelerate the construction of a strategic hinterland of domestic circulation and a gateway hub for domestic and international "dual circulation", and raise its level of opening to the outside world to new highs.


With the continuous expansion of Chengdu's opening-up efforts and the improvement of a market-oriented, legalized and internationalized business environment, more multinational companies are making investments in Chengdu.


(Source: China Daily)