We Are Together Art Complex Opens at Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu

Monet, Manet, Renoir and Impressionist Masters Art Exhibition Held in Chengdu Meet You Museum

Recently, the Chengdu Meet You Museum has opened to the public and brings the Meet Impressionism- Monet, Manet, Renoir and Impressionist Masters Art Exhibition to visitors.

Events 2022-06-11

Events Celebrating Dragon Boat Festival

The Dragon Boat Festival falls on June 3 this year, and how will you welcome the traditional festival?

Events 2022-06-02

Chengdu Museum Holds Special Exhibition Featuring Original Drawings of Famous Works in History of Animation

The World Blooming Under Pencils: Special Exhibition of Animation Key Frames was launched on May 17 at the Chengdu Museum, featuring 248 original drawings of famous works in the history of animation, manuscripts and line drawings of famous painters.

Events 2022-05-21

Chengdu Culture Center Opens to the Public After Upgrading

Chengdu Culture Center has opened to the public in May and will provide high-quality public cultural services to a population of 10 million people in the city.

Events 2022-05-10

Chengdu Times Art Museum Organises International Contemporary Art Exhibition "WAVELENGTH: Vi3ionᕽ"

The exhibition gathers more than ten top contemporary artists worldwide to present a new perspective of contemporary art to audiences in an unprecedented mode. 

Events 2022-05-06

'Talking to the Universe' - China Aerospace Science and Cultural Innovation (CASCI) to Launch Art Exhibition in Chengdu

On April 22, the art exhibition of China Aerospace Science and Cultural Innovation (CASCI), with a "Boundless" theme, will be launched in Chengdu. 

Events 2022-04-22

The First AI-Themed Art Exhibition in Southwest China Is on Display in Chengdu

On April 10, the AI Art Exhibition with the theme of "AI Delivered, the Abject and Redemption" was officially launched at the A4 Art Museum, and it is on display until June 30.

Events 2022-04-15

The First Exhibition in Chengdu! The "Hidden Editions" of Finding Unicorn

On April 2, 2022,  the "Hidden Fragment" art exhibition hosted by the art trend IP distribution company Finding Unicorn opened at Usunhome Art Museum in Chengdu.

Events 2022-04-08

The Burberry Generation One-Year Anniversary Exhibition at Chengdu Eastern Suburb Memory

Burberry is partnering with young Chinese talents to present the Burberry Generation one-year anniversary exhibition at Chengdu Eastern Suburb Memory from March 30 to April 13.

Events 2022-04-01