Jointly Build an International Alcohol Producer Alliance - The First Event of the "Chengdu-Europe Industry Dialogue" in 2022 Held
author: Chengdu Daily 2022-05-12

On May 11, the "China (Chengdu)-European Mayors' Forum on Alcoholic Beverage Industry" was held, which was the first event of the "Chengdu-Europe Industry Dialogue" in 2022. Representatives of government agencies, business associations, alcoholic beverage companies, universities and research institutions from more than 20 countries/regions, including China, Spain, the Czech Republic, Poland, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Austria, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Finland, Romania, Croatia, Bulgaria, Portugal, Japan, Chile and Colombia, participated in the forum through on-site or offline means.



This year, the "Chengdu-Europe Industry Dialogue" focused on the development of the international alcoholic beverage industry for the first time. Taking advantage of the opportunity of this dialogue activity, Qionglai City has reached a strategic cooperative relationship with the Southwest Representative Office of the Hungarian Export Promotion Agency and the Chengdu EU Project Innovation Center, and all parties will give full play to their own advantages and carry out friendly and mutually beneficial cooperation in the fields of alcoholic beverage industry development and talent training.



It is worth noting that the Inaugural Ceremony of the International Alcohol Producer Alliance and the Alliance Accession Signing Ceremony were also carried out on the spot. The International Alcohol Producer Alliance was jointly initiated by the producers of the areas where the participating cities of this event are located, and will uphold the principles of resource sharing and mutual benefit, promote the members of the Alliance to strengthen exchanges and cooperation, actively explore industrial interaction models, and promote common development.



Edited by Lei Lei

Image Source: the Foreign Affairs Office of the Chengdu Municipal Government

Source: Chengdu Daily