Two Bookstores in Chengdu Named One of the Most Beautiful Bookstores in China
author: GoChengdu 2022-05-05

On April 24, the First National Reading Conference was held in Beijing, during which 46 bookstores were named "the most beautiful bookstores in China". Two bookstores in Sichuan are on the list and gain the reputation of one of the most beautiful bookstores in China, including Chengdu Winshare Bookstore (9 square) and Chengdu Fangsuo Bookstore.



Chengdu Winshare Bookstore (9 square)




The bookstore is designed with the theme of culture and nature, and presents the concept of reading in the forest, which becomes the fresh and natural style favored by urban youth. The bookshelves are based on the color of the logs, the overhead lights are inspired by clouds, and the ubiquitous greenery makes people feel like they are in the forest.




Chengdu Fangsuo Bookstore


With its unique design and style, Chengdu Fangsuo Bookstore is gradually becoming one of the cultural landmarks of Chengdu. As an urban cultural space, the bookstore has not only books, but also clothing and household utensils. There is also a reading area providing the coffee drinks for readers. 



In 2015, shortly after its establishment, Chengdu Fangsuo Bookstore was selected as the "World's Most Beautiful Bookstore" by AD Magazine. To date, the bookstore has held over 500 cultural events.




Edited by Lei Lei

Image source: Chengdu Winshare Bookstore, Chengdu Fangsuo Bookstore