China-Laos Railway Launches Chengdu-Vang Vieng in Laos Freight Train
author: GoChengdu 2022-04-25

On April 18, the international freight train of China-Laos Railway (Vang Vieng-Chengdu) carrying zinc concentrates, chemicals and other products arrived at Chengdu International Railway Port in Qingbaijiang District. This train is the first freight train from Vang Vieng Station in Laos to China, providing strong support for the domestic international supply chain industry.


(Photo by Chengdu International Railway Port)


Vang Vieng Station is the major passenger and freight station of China-Laos railway (Boten-Vientiane). "In addition to Laos' Vientiane Station, we now have an option to transport ours goods from the Vang Vieng station in Laos to China, making our cargo transport more efficiently. The zinc concentrate imported through the train will be used as raw materials to supply local enterprises in Sichuan", said an owner of enterprise in Sichuan.


"In order to meet the different shipping needs of shippers in Laos, the Vang Vieng station is added to be a freight station, which will serve customer needs precisely, further promote bilateral trade exchanges, and provide strong support for international multimodal transport from Chengdu to Southeast Asia to broaden the ASEAN market and enrich trade channels", said the person in charge of Chengdu International Railway Service Co Ltd.



Edited by Lei Lei