Music Therapy Added to Medical Insurance Reimbursement List in Sichuan to Treat Mental Illnesses
author: 2022-04-20
On April 5, the Sichuan Provincial Health Care Security Administration issued a notice that a new music therapy program was added to medical insurance reimbursement, which attracted the industry's attention. 
At present, in Sichuan, the medical expenses of "music therapy" in provincially managed public medical institutions are with governmental subsidies.
Music therapy was founded in the United States in the 1940s as an emerging interdisciplinary subject widely used to treat children with physical and mental disabilities, cognitive impairments in the elderly, and depression. 

Modern neurophysiological studies have shown that music can directly impact the nervous system, regulate the human body's internal organs and bodily functions, and lower blood pressure, and thus achieve the purpose of treatment.

Other studies have shown that the pituitary gland secretes a hormone called "endorphins" that serves as mood elevators. Endorphins make patients feel better when listening to music.
Edited by Zhu Haiyue
Image source: Unsplash