Chengdu Library's Branch, Tianfu Humanities and Arts Library, to open on April 23
author: GoChengdu 2022-04-22


On April 23, World Book Day, the Chengdu Library's branch - the Tianfu Humanities and Arts Library will be officially opened to the public.



As the thematic branch of Chengdu Library, the Tianfu Humanities and Arts Library sets diversified functional areas including reader lending area, children's reading center, aesthetics library, Chengdu literature library and arts exchange center, and Chinese ancient civilization research center,  aiming to provide a living aesthetics space with the functions of reading, leisure, aesthetics, art experience and cultural exchange to the public.



To continuously enrich and improve the library business and reader experience, the library is equipped with high-end technique facilities such as RFID book positioning system, 24-hour self-service library, robot librarians, real-time release of big data, etc., and focuses on the cultural heritage of the city, creating a beautiful decoration.



Except for the traditional library services, the Tianfu Humanities and Arts Library will make full use of the advantages of the venue to plan to carry out nearly 2,000 online and offline reading activities by creating high-quality public lectures and brand reading activities. 



Although Chengdu Library and its branch Tianfu Humanities and Arts Library are slightly different in the function, they can complement each other, according to the official of the Chengdu Library.



Edited by Lei Lei