World's First 20-story Unmanned Veggie Farm Launched in Chengdu
Author: CGTN 2023-12-06

China has made new progress in vertical farming by launching its first "autonomous veggie factory" in Chengdu.


Vertical farming is believed to be the future of agriculture because it allows people to grow crops in upright trays and save precious land space for other human activities.


The new vertical farm has 20 stories, the most in the world to date, and utilizes "industry-leading" autonomous technology, according to Gan Bingcheng, deputy head of the research institution that built the farm.



This autonomous facility employs AI-controlled systems and robots, allowing it to grow and harvest lettuce in just 35 days. Overcoming traditional vertical farming challenges, the farm utilizes a precise combination of lights for optimal plant growth. The Institute of Urban Agriculture (IUA) in Chengdu aims to commercialize this innovation and is in talks with companies like Foshan NationStar Optoelectronics. The farm not only boosts vegetable production but also acts as a breeding accelerator for key crops.


Source: CGTN