Airbus Establishes Wholly-Owned Subsidiary in Chengdu
Author: China Daily 2023-11-06

France-headquartered aircraft manufacturer Airbus officially established a wholly-owned subsidiary - Satair (Chengdu) Co Ltd in Shuangliu district in Chengdu on November 1.


This marks another giant step forward on Airbus' map of lifecycle services, following the completion of its aircraft lifecycle service center in Chengdu on September 28.


Satair is a global leader in the civil aviation industry supply chain, offering a wide range of products including aircraft spare parts and tooling, with over 1,000,000 inventory part numbers. These products cater to all types of aircraft.



Richard Stoddart, CEO of Satair, said Satair Chengdu, whose business scope encompasses the purchase of pre-owned aircraft and the management and trade of available used aircraft materials, is an important business line of the Airbus Lifecycle Services Center project.


The company is expected to provide a more diverse supplement to Satair's existing aircraft material support system; enrich the options of available aircraft materials; and offer more comprehensive material services and support to major airlines, aircraft maintenance facilities and component repair centers.


George Xu, executive vice-president of Airbus and CEO of Airbus China, said Airbus Lifecycle Services Center in Chengdu offers industry leading one-stop sustainable solutions by recycling middle life and aged aircraft, and it's testimony to Airbus' commitment to China as a long-term reliable partner.


"Thanks to our cooperation in Chengdu, Airbus completes our industrial value chain in China from design, parts manufacturing, final assembly of aircraft and technical support service for in-service fleet to end-of-life service," he said.


Source: China Daily

Edited by Huang Xiaomei