Tea Culture & Teahouses in Chengdu
Author: Top China Travel 2023-05-10

When referring to Chengdu culture, tea culture can not be missed. Here are some Chengdu tea culture terms commonly used around locals.


(Photo by Lei Lei)



Gai Wan Cha (盖碗茶)


Gai Wan (盖碗) refers to a kind of teaware containing a bowl with a cover in the upper and a small dish in the bottom. This bowl is also called San Cai Wan (三才碗). The cover refers to the sky, the bowl refers to the human, and the small dish in the bottom refers to the ground.



Long Men Zhen (龙门阵)


Long Men Zhen (龙门阵) refers to chatting activity in teahouses. Old Chengdu people always ask friends to "Bai Long Men Zhen (摆龙门阵)", which means to have a cup of tea and chat with each other in a teahouse.



Da Wei Gu (打围鼓) or Wan You (玩友)



Da Wei Gu, also called "Wan You (玩友)",  is an activity that summons or invites friends after dinners to sit around and sing songs without makeup and acting. This activity is usually held in teahouses. 



Edited by Lei Lei

Source: Top China Travel