Guide to Watch Sunrise in Longquan Mountain
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Besides camping and riding along the greenway around the city, watching the sunrise in Longquan Mountain is becoming another popular entertainment recently among Chengdu people. Every early morning, Longquan Mountain would be crowded with people, waiting to see the beautiful scene. There're several nice spots to watch the sunrise on the mountain. Why don't you mark it right now!




No. 3 Platform at Zhongjiashan Forest Greenway



At present, the No. 3 platform is a hot spot with beautiful scenery. You can also see the snow mountain afar on clear days. People can go there by public transport or driving. You may also choose to hike up the mountain at night. After watching the sunrise, you can also visit the No. 4 platform, which is a bit lower, to view the beautiful village.



Longquan Mountain Fujiwara Tofu Club



Although this store doesn't open all night, its location has a wide view and is very suitable for watching the sunrise. That's what makes it one of the hottest attractions.



Awaits Wind



This famous hilltop restaurant has a wide view of Longquan Mountain and Chengdu. Meanwhile, it has elaborate decorations and is a good place for taking photos.






1.Search for the weather forecast and the time of sunrise in advance. According to the actual conditions, check whether you can go there and determine the time to go (it is suggested to be there one hour before the sunrise and wait for it at a proper position).


2.It's cold in the mountain in the nighttime. Please prepare warm clothing.






1.Driving or taking a taxi: You may search for the above spots in map apps to go.


2.Public traffic: Take Metro Line 2 to Longquanyi Station and exit from D2. Walk for around 300m to the Oupeng Avenue Music Square Station, then take bus 870/872D to the above spots.






1.Please pay attention to your safety at night and comply with the relevant regulations of the scenic area. It is suggested to reasonably plan the hiking distance according to your own condition.


2.Please comply with the regulations and protect the environment, don't carry any sources of ignition into the mountain, don't litter around and don't damage the public facilities.


3.Due to the large number of visitors to Longquan Mountain recently, it is suggested not to go there on peak days to avoid traffic congestion.



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