Chengdu Ranked No.8 in Appeal to Talent
author: GoChengdu 2021-07-30
Recently, released a ranking on Chinese cities' appeal to talent. Chengdu ranked the eighth among the top 100 cities for 2020.
According to the report adopting appeal to talent as the indicator, Beijing, Hangzhou, and Shanghai were among the top three in 2020, and Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Suzhou, Chengdu, Ningbo, and Changsha were among the top ten.
In 2020, men accounted for 57% of urban migrant talent, significantly higher than men's proportion in the overall job-seekers, which was 53%. Men were more likely to seek jobs across cities. In terms of age, over 80% of the urban migrant talent belonged to the age group of 18-35. In terms of academic qualifications, 57% of urban migrant workers had bachelor's degrees or above, which was remarkably higher than 49% among the overall job-applicants, indicating that the likelihood was higher for the better-educated talent to seek jobs across cities.
In terms of career history, 48% of urban migrant workers had worked for 5 years or less, which was higher than the figure for the new entrants to the workforce, which was 41%. New hires were more likely to seek jobs across cities. In terms of remuneration, 42% of urban migrant workers earned more than 6000 yuan monthly, slightly higher than 40% among overall job seekers. Those making more money were more likely to land jobs across cities. In terms of industry, 50.3% of urban migrant workers worked in sectors including IT, real estate, and manufacturing, which was higher than 48.0% of overall job-seeking population.
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