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City Recognized by UCCN for Its Work on Developing Sustainable Gastronomy

UCCN highly acknowledges Chengdu’s efforts to develo ...
2019-04-24 | read more

Chengdu Tops all Domestic Counterparts in Appeal to Foreign Investment

According to the statistical communiqués of China’s ...
2019-04-15 | read more

City to Make Greater Efforts to be More Business-friendly

Chengdu will step up its efforts to better its inst ...
2019-02-12 | read more

Chengdu Dubbed Best City to Invest in China

Chengdu has topped the list of the best cities to in ...
2019-01-15 | read more

5G Wireless Service Available in Chengdu’s Metro Station

Chengdu is one of the national leaders in China in t ...
2019-01-08 | read more

17th CISCC, iWorld Expo to be Held in Chengdu

There will be top-level discussions and exhibitions ...
2019-08-16 | read more

City Launches Panda Reporter Program for Int’l Cultural Exchange

The program is aimed to showcase Chengdu’s achieveme ...
2019-08-13 | read more

Chengdu-Helsinki Direct Flight to Open

Chengdu is to have one more direct air link to Europ ...
2019-08-12 | read more

Chinese city pilots using facial recognition for ID card check

Chengdu has launched a pilot program that uses a pho ...
2019-08-07 | read more
Special Reports

Goodbye, 2019 WPFG

The conclusion of the 2019 WPFG is believed to heral ...
2019-08-19 | read more

WPFG: More Than a Sports Event

The 18th WPFG presents a total of 56 competitions at ...
2019-08-16 | read more

CPAF Director & Secretary: TCA 2019 was Outstanding!

The 2019 WPFG is being staged in Chengdu and will la ...
2019-08-15 | read more

Wonderful Moments of 2019 WPFG

As a sports extravaganza for police officers and fir ...
2019-08-15 | read more
Invest in Chengdu, Ideal Place for Innovators & Startups

Chengdu’s GDP Hits RMB770.25 Bln in H1

In this year's first half, Chengdu’s GDP reached RMB ...
2019-08-01 | read more

Chengdu Ranks 28th on GSI Report 2019

Chengdu was the third Chinese city to make it into t ...
2019-05-24 | read more

City Sees 8.0% GDP Growth in Q1

In this year's first quarter, Chengdu’s GDP reached ...
2019-05-09 | read more

Chengdu Listed among Savills Tech Cities

Savills, one of the world's leading property agents, ...
2019-04-01 | read more
Business & Technology

Chengdu Moves up in Rankings of Best Cities for Business on Chinese Mainland 2018

Late last week, the Forbes China published its lates ...
2018-12-10 | read more

CDHT Launches Talent Hunt Tour in the US

Six companies based in the Chengdu Hi-tech Industria ...
2018-09-18 | read more

Chengdu, Home to 285 Fortune Global 500 Companies

Latest data from the Chengdu Municipal Investment Pr ...
2018-09-11 | read more

100th CFDF Concluded in City

On March 23, the three-day 100th China Food & Drinks ...
2019-03-28 | read more

Medtronic Chengdu Innovation Center to Get Operational in 2020

Medtronic, a global medical equipment development co ...
2017-10-16 | read more

Jinjiang District

Covering an area of 62 square kilometers, Jinjiang D ...
2017-09-07 | read more

World 3D Printing Technology Expo to Open in Chengdu

The 2015 3D Printing Technology Industry Conference ...
2015-05-08 | read more
Media Reports on Chengdu

Tianfu culture becomes a driver for development of industries

Chengdu, a major city in southwest China, aims to be ...
2018-03-22 | read more

Hub enriched by Tianfu Culture to be world renowned

Culture is the heart and soul of a city and Chengdu ...
2018-03-18 | read more

Italian Artist Edoardo Tresoldi: Chengdu is a City of Creativity, Poetry

The Italian Design Day 2019 Chengdu event took place ...
2019-03-25 | read more

China’s First Fintech Makerspace in Chengdu

These Stories will offer you special insights into t ...
2019-03-18 | read more

Austrade CEO: I Hope Chengdu and Australia Could Further Ties in More Fields

“I have been to Chengdu for many times. This time, I ...
2018-11-20 | read more

Dutch Ambassador to China: Chengdu is China’s Gateway City for Int’l Exchange with Europe

The 2018 Chengdu•Europe Culture Season, a cultural e ...
2018-10-16 | read more
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Our Sister Cities

Chengdu, Bonn to Co-hold Beethoven Culture Week

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the sister-c ...
2019-06-11 | read more

Chengdu’s New Sister City: Australia’s City of Gold Coast

On May 20, Mr. Luo Qiang, Mayor of Chengdu, and Mr. ...
2019-05-27 | read more

Hamilton, Chengdu Cement Cooperation

Messrs. Martin Gallagher, Vice Mayor of Hamilton, Ne ...
2018-05-29 | read more

City Strengthens Ties with Lahore

On the evening of May 21 (local time), a Chengdu pre ...
2017-05-28 | read more
HELLO Chengdu

Industrial Parks for International Cooperation in Chengdu

To date, Chengdu has been home to 5 industrial parks ...
2018-10-26 | read more