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Chengdu: A Vibrant and Hospitable Destination, Where Culture and Nature Thrive

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Tianfu Culture 2023-04-18

An Imperial Seal With a Rabbit Head and a Dragon Body

This is an imperial seal excavated from the Chengdu Yongling, the tomb of Wang Jian, founder of the Former Shu Kingdom.

Tianfu Culture 2023-01-30

Ancient Music Echoes in Tang Poetry

1000 years ago, Chengdu became a cultural centre where arts and culture from the late Tang Dynasty and beyond conjoined.

Tianfu Culture 2023-01-19

Chinese Poet Lu You and His Cats

Leading a plain and tranquil life in seclusion from then on, Lu gradually became a cat person.

Figures 2023-01-05

Chengdu Woman Poet Xue Tao and Her Colored Writing Paper

Xue Tao is one of the most famous poets of the Tang Dynasty.

Figures 2023-05-17

Two Treasures of Traditional Chinese Tea

Nanlu Bian Tea and Mengshan Tea of Ya'an City, Sichuan Province are two treasures of traditional Chinese tea.

ICH 2023-01-12

Discover the Power of Chinese Herbs on Mount Qingcheng

Xie Zhigong (Adi Wirawan Tjahjono), a PhD student at the Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, is an Indonesian who is fascinated by Chinese herbs.

Tianfu Culture 2023-01-08

Chengdu Blacksmiths Forge on

The knives serve as a witness to the deep breath of life in every Chinese family.

ICH 2023-01-02

Chengdu Hanfu Grandpa: Grow Old Without Feeling Old

Chen Guangxian, a 69-year-old resident of Chengdu, enjoys dressing up in Hanfu (Chinese traditional clothing).

Tianfu Culture 2023-01-01