Websites for Foreigners to Hunt Jobs in Chengdu
author: GoChengdu 2018-11-13

More and more foreigners are trying to land a job in Chengdu, but how can they find their potential employers in the city?


As an expat having lived and worked in Chengdu for over 4 years, Norbert Antosik, founder of based in the city, knows how difficult to find a right job in a foreign land. Here are some English websites recommended by Norbert for foreigners to hunt jobs in Chengdu.


Feature: Foreigners can search full-time, part-time and internship vacancies in Chengdu and other Chinese cities.


Targets: Foreign talents wanting employment information about Chengdu companies, and foreign students wishing to find part-time jobs and internships in Chengdu
Chengdu Expat
Feature: providing specifics on vacancies in all districts of Chengdu.
Targets: Foreigners wishing to work in specific locations in Chengdu.
"Foreign job applicants can also search on China Classifieds and OverseasJobs, which focus on different types of positions. For example, vacancies in the education, IT and architecture sectors are prioritized on," said Norbert, noting that "Foreigners should make a good use of these platforms, searching, screening and comparing positions offered intensively, to find the right ones they really want."
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