Dujiangyan Establishes Friendly and Cooperative Relations With Ponte de Lima
author: Foreign Affairs Office of Chengdu Municipal People's Government 2022-05-24

Dujiangyan, China, and Ponte de Lima, Portugal, signed an agreement online to establish friendly and cooperative relations on May 19, making Ponte de Lima the 28th city to have developed an official partnership with the city of Dujiangyan.


(Photo by Foreign Affairs Office of Chengdu Municipal People's Government)


Situated in northern Portugal, Ponte de Lima is widely recognized as one of the oldest villages in Portugal. It is named after the long medieval bridge (ponte) which passes over the Lima river. Encircled by a gorgeous valley, the breathtaking nature beauty blends into its idyllic scenery, making it a paradise for tourists searching for enjoyment.


There is also a variety of folk activities in Ponte de Lima. The Vaca das Cordas festival in June sees crowds of people cheer on the street. The Feiras Novas festival in September offers three days and nights of fun, with people singing and dancing on every corner of the village, attracting thousands of tourists. The authentic experience is considered the "largest live congress of popular culture in Portugal".


Established friendly relations are an increasingly important window for local governments and their foreign counterparts to increase cooperation and understanding by promoting communication at a city-to-city level. 


"Ponte de Lima is one of the oldest vilas in Portugal with a history of 897 years. In nearly nine centuries, it can not only adapt to the changes of the times, but also maintain its characteristics and historical marks. The signing of the Memorandum will establish friendly and cooperative relations between Dujiangyan and Ponte de Lima, strengthening mutual ties and promoting institutional, commercial and cultural exchanges," Vasco Ferraz, the Mayor of Ponte de Lima, said during the signing ceremony. 


"The partnership will bring many opportunities in various areas, such as economy, tourism, culture, and education, promote prosperity for each sides and inject renewed vitality into China-Portugal relations," observed Zhao Bentang, Chinese ambassador to Portugal. 


Edited by Wu Cuiyao

Source: Foreign Affairs Office of Chengdu Municipal People's Government

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