Delicacies in Chengdu - Yue Hin Restaurant Brings New Seasonal Dishes
Author: GoChengdu 2022-10-10

Executive Chef Lucas Li of the Chinese Restaurant Yue Hin recognizes customers' desire for wonderful food and has carefully developed various ingredients and picked the best seasonal ingredients for summer so that diners can enjoy the freshness of food in Chengdu.



Mr. Lucas Li, hailing from Zhaoqing, Guangdong, now serves as the executive chef of Yue Hin. With 16 years of experience in the catering industry, he is dedicated to crafting delicacies with the finest ingredients and creating the most pleasant dining experience for diners.



Recommended summer dishes:



  • White Asparagus Roll-Ups with Dipping Sauces


The tender and crispy white asparagus is seasoned with sesame peanut sauce to serve as a light and refreshing appetizer for summer.



  • Lilies Topped with Osmanthus Honey

Transported by air to Chengdu, the Lanzhou-grown giant lily bulbs are mixed with sweet-scented osmanthus honey to leave a crispy fresh taste in your mouth.



  • River Eels (Steamed with Minced Ginger or Braised with Roasted Ginger Pork)

The tender and plump river eels are steamed with minced ginger or braised with roasted ginger pork to bring out an alluring aroma that pleasures your palate.



  • Coconut Soup with Lotus Seeds and Lily Bulbs

The delectable Hainan coconut is blended with aromatic lotus seeds and lily bulbs to produce refreshing notes in summer.



  • Green Bean Cakes

The soft and delicate bean cakes are handcrafted from quality mung beans to help dispel summer heat.




Image source: Niccolo Chengdu, Yue Hin Restaurant

Edited by Huang Xiaomei