Top 5 Chengdu Night Markets of Street Food (I)
Author: chengdutourguide 2023-06-26

Chengdu is known as the "land of abundance" and is famous for its delicious food. Except the usual and traditionally popular tourist must-go places such as Jinli Street, Kuanzhai Alley, Wenshufang and Chunxi Road, here we include some of the best and most local food streets and night markets to explore in Chengdu that are popular and known among local people. These night markets for food may not be known by travelers yet these are the authentic food and loved by local foodies.



Fuqin Night Market


Fuqin Night Market is located by the northwest of 1st Ring Road of Chengdu. It is one of the oldest night markets in Chengdu with authentic feeling of the "Old Chengdu". It is easy to get there from the metro station of Fuqin. Recommended food include Fuqin No.1 Barbecue, Zige Kababe, Old Chengdu Chuanchuan, Barbecued Sweet Potato Bread, Barbecued Fish/Squids/Toufu, Dan Hong Gao, Fried Sweet Sticky Rice Bread, Fried Chuanchuan, Antie Li's Potato Slices...

Jianshe Alley Night Market


Jianshe Alley Night Market is located by the northeast of Chengdu between 1st and 2nd Ring Road. It is an authentic night of market of Chengdu Taste and style. It is easy to get there using metro line 6 and getting off by metro station University of ESTC Jianshe North Road. Recommended food include Grandma Xue's Dan Hong Gao, Bamboo Milk Tea, Banxian Rabbit Head, Small Spring Rolls, Zhang's Hotpot Noodle, Barbecued Sweet Potato Bread, Barbecued Pig Foot, Bing Fen...


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