International Education Service in Chengdu
author: GoChengdu 2014-11-21
Chengdu has established international educational exchange with a large number of countries and regions around the world.
Chengdu has a long tradition of encouraging international exchange in the field of education and the city is currently working together with its sister cities in Japan, the UK, France, Australia, etc., to establish educational institutions there.
By the end of 2013, 14 agreements for projects in educational cooperation had been signed with seven countries including the UK, France, the US, Australia and Finland. Currently, the city is promoting educational standards for teachers, increasing salaries, boosting infrastructure and facilities and laying out long-term goals for "internationalizing" Chengdu's education system.
In the meantime, expatriates are increasingly drawn to Chengdu by the growing opportunities of international education for their children. Chengdu has international schools enrolling children of foreign workers. Schools that provide education in line with international standards for expatriate children include Chengdu Meishi International School, Eton House International School, Léman International School and so on.
Chengdu Meishi International School
Chengdu Meishi International School (CMIS) is located in Chengdu Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone. The school has enrolled students of 2,400, with 1,110 in the Chinese Elementary Division, 1,100 in the Chinese Secondary Division and 200 in the International Programs.
CMIS is one of the very few schools in all of China to officially enroll both Chinese and foreign students to attend classes at the same school and also in the same class.
Address: 1340 Middle Section of Tianfu Ave
Tel: (86) - 028 - 85330653
EtonHouse International School · Chengdu
The EtonHouse Group is a Singapore-based educational group that provides educational services through International Schools, Pre-Schools and Early Childhood Teacher Education Courses in 11 countries across Asia.
The schools have a common vision of developing empowered young individuals, enthusiastic life-long learners and confident global citizens of the future. Through its curriculum, EtonHouse strives to focus on pedagogical integrity and research-based best practice, acknowledge and respond to each learner's full potential and develop an authentic partnership with families and community.
(Branch 1): #9 Chenglong Avenue, Botanica
(Branch 2): #180 Zhiquan Section, East Avenue, Times Residence
Tel: (86) - 028 - 8477 7977
Léman International School Chengdu
The expansive landscaped campus of Léman International School Chengdu is nestled amid lush fields and gardens at the foot of Chengdu's hills. The location provides easy access to modern expatriate housing and health care centers as good as central Chengdu.
As the city's premier international school, it has quickly taken an important role within the city's expatriate community and become integral to the lives of many families across Chengdu.
Address: G213 National Road, Da'an Village, Zhengxing Town, Shuangliu District
Tel : (86) - 028 - 6703 8650
Chengdu International School (CDIS)
With about 40 expatriate staff, and over 50 Chinese staff, CDIS has a diverse and experienced team. All of the classroom teachers are certified, and the majority hold master's degrees, and represent many years of teaching experience.
CDIS is a part of the International Schools of China (ISC) consortium. ISC's 1, 600 students and 250 foreign teachers and administrators come from all over the world. This global perspective and ISC's 26 years of experience in China has led to a world-class standard of excellence.
Address:68 Tong Gui Road, Jinjiang District
Tel: +86 - 028 - 6517 5228/6517 5229
QSI International School of Chengdu
The mission of Quality Schools International (QSI) is to keep this urge to learn alive in all students. Every QSI school is established to provide, in the English language, a quality education for students. These students are the children of parents of many nationalities who have come to a foreign country, usually for a limited stay of a year or more. Some students may be permanent residents or citizens of the host country.
QSI Chengdu follows a logical model of education which measures success (link to success orientations) by the accomplishments and attitudes of the students. It is believed that all of the students can succeed, that their successes encourage them to continue in a pattern of success, and that it is the school's responsibility to provide the conditions for success.
Address: 188 Nan San Huan Lu Wu Duan, High Tech Zone
Phone: +86-028-85113853