Guangdu Museum Prepares to Welcome Visitors With an Impressive Collection of Nearly 3,000 Relics
Author: Chengdu Daily 2023-10-30

In a much-anticipated development, the Guangdu Museum, the first all-encompassing public museum in Shuangliu District, Chengdu, is currently in the final stages of arranging and presenting its vast collection. It is also conducting trial operations of its facilities in preparation for its grand public opening later this year.


This museum, covering an expansive construction area of 9,037 square meters, is poised to become a significant hub for showcasing the rich cultural heritage of Guangdu and the historical narrative of Shuangliu. It will serve multiple functions, including the exhibition of cultural relics, storage, restoration, research, and education.



The objects housed within this museum represent a historical timeline that spans almost 100,000 years, from the Paleolithic period to the Ming and Qing dynasties. These artifacts bear witness to a remarkable 100,000 years of human activities, a civilization that has thrived for 4,500 years, and the 2,300-year evolution of the Shuangliu District. The museum's extensive collection boasts nearly 3,000 cultural relics, categorized into seven distinct groups: stone, jade, ceramics, bronze, porcelain, bone, and horn objects.



Source: Chengdu Daily