Author: ZHI ART MUSEUM 2022-12-26

(Photo by Chengdu Museum)  


Located at the foot of Chengdu's Taoism Laojun Mountain in Southwest China, ZHI ART MUSEUM's serene architecture brings to life the beauty and tranquility of Zen. An iconic work by renowned Japanese master architect, Kengo Kuma, the museum embodies the Eastern philosophy of "Learning from Nature". With the use of water as key feature, and the exploration of natural materials throughout, the architecture organically integrates its surrounding elements harmoniously. The tranquil flow and soft movements surrounding the entirety of the museum allow for contemplation and evoke notions of eternity through its unity with nature. The museum's core vision is Universality, Insight, and Innovation.




As the Universe is a continuous cycle of reproduction, its reproduction is transformation. The Universe manifests the truth of life, ever-changing and complete at the same time. "The Origin of the Universe" lies at the core of the Eastern spirit. Upon reviewing the Universe from a perspective of continual change, we find the key to our inner strength that helps us create, comprehend, and appreciate art. By using the unique Eastern perspective through nature to appreciate art - from painting to calligraphy, sculpture, new media art, drama, poetry, music, and even landscaping, without any restrictions to a medium and geography - we gain a boundlessly enriching vitality.




Insight means a journey of exploration. Through our abilities of interrogation, curiosity, introspection, and learning, we embark to new understandings. Encountering art with sincerity, allowing new experiences to form us, we thrive for reflection, and continuous research. Insight enables us to vigorously verify an institutional framework of art history, leading scholarly discourse, and the ever-changing market, that forms the basis for establishing this institution. With our aesthetic insights and knowledge rooted in this genuine and balanced approach, we are able to nurture contemporary art with thorough study, innovative exhibitions and a significant collection, evermore enhancing the public value of art.




A blink of an eye separates the past from the present, history from future. When we cherish the history of our culture while remaining curious about the future, the present, and the past; then the future will converge here with us. All our foundations thrive for innovation and renewal. Innovation is the essence of life. Innovation is what replenishes nature and brings the rewarding pleasure of enjoying art into our life. We therefore thrive to create transformative experiences, through changing exhibitions, pioneering learning environments, and presenting unique opportunities to travel - without limitations.


"Universality, Insight, and Innovation" are ZHI ART MUSEUM's gifts to our time. ZHI ART MUSEUM invites you to explore the universe through learning and find a new understanding of the innovations of life and our future.



Edited by Guo Jiamei