How Do Foreigners Apply for Bank Cards
author: GoChengdu 2019-02-22
Foreign expats with long-term Chinese visas in Chengdu can apply for debit cards in financial institutions in China, among which Bank of China (BOC) provides the most comprehensive foreign-related services, and here are procedures for foreigners to open accounts at BOC.
Step 1: show the valid passport or visa
Note that only the visas in the categories for trading, long-term residence, permanent journalist, long-term family reunion, introduced talent, long-term private affairs, long-term study, work, courtesy or diplomatic purposes are applicable for opening the accounts.
Step 2: fill in application forms
1) Tell BOC staff that you want to apply for debit cards;
2) Get a copied version of the passport, and fill in the application forms according to the instructions; as the application forms are written in Chinese, ask the staff for help if you cannot read Chinese and fill in the forms with your personal information including names, telephone numbers, addresses, jobs, company names and so on.
Step 3: get your number at a calling machine and wait for your turn; if you miss your turn, you'll have to get a new number
Step 4: submit the application forms, the passport and its copy to a bank clerk
1) open your deposit account and set a 6-digit password;
2) Each card costs RMB 5.
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