Top 10 Ancient Towns Around Chengdu II
Author: GoChengdu 2022-12-21



Anren Ancient Town - Museum Town of China



Anren Ancient Town is located in Dayi County, which is about 53 kilometers away from Chengdu downtown. Anren is a famous century-old town with many houses and special museums. Additionally, Anren is a place where cultures meet, mixing the charm of Chinese style with Western architectural designs. 


At present, Anren preserves a relatively complete history of ancient residential and manors. These buildings inherited the traditional residential and architectural styles of Western Sichuan, and borrowed the technology of Western architecture, forming the town's unique style of architecture. Traditional Chinese culture and Western culture collide here again.


(Photo by 美丽大邑)


You will have an opportunity to reach the real mark of history when visiting Anren Ancient Town. Anyone who likes history and enjoys exploring the museum cannot resist its unique charm.



Xilai Ancient Town - the memory of thousand-year-old banyan trees



Boasting a history of more than 1,700 years, Xilai Ancient Town is situated 82 kilometers from the center of Chengdu in Pujiang County. The town's streets are lined with wooden buildings with tiled roofs, which is unique in Western Sichuan. The most attractive thing is the twelve ancient banyan trees along the riverbank. The banyan trees' branches provide shade from the summer sun, making the riverbanks a popular meeting place for locals. It is worth mentioning that Wenfeng tower is the town's landmark. 


(Photo by 简哈哈)


Don't forget to try some local specialties: stone-milled douhua, braised pig trotters, and braised pigs' large intestines.



Luodai Ancient Town - authentic Hakka old town



Luodai Ancient Town is situated in Chengdu's Longquanyi District, 33 kilometers from Chengdu downtown. This town is famous for its four guild halls (Guangdong Hall, Jiangxi Hall, Huguang Hall, and Chuanbei Hall), the Hakka museum, and the Hakka park.


(Photo by Arda)


The special thing about Luodai Ancient Town is Hakka culture. Strolling on the old streets, you can see the precious historic sites and Hakka folk buildings, taste Hakka food, hear the Hakka dialect, and watch wonderful traditional shows. Moreover, a lucky and unforgettable experience is participating in local events like the summertime Fire Dragon Festival and the Water Dragon Festival in Luodai Ancient Town.



Wufeng Ancient Town - half a mountain and half a city



Wufeng Ancient Town is located in Jintang County, which is about 46 kilometers away from downtown Chengdu. The town is surrounded by five hills that are densely shaded with green trees and shaped like a phoenix rising into the sky. 


Wufeng is one of Chengdu's recently renovated historical and cultural towns. This town on the Tuojiang river's bank used to have very developed water transportation. It was the most convenient waterway channel connecting Chengdu and other Sichuan cities. Many tourists come to see the sparkling creeks, undulating streets, palaces, and temples. In front of the small courtyard of the residential house, flowers are blooming everywhere.


(Photo by Chengdu Culture & Tourism Development Group)


If you're looking for a town with mountains and water to escape the summer heat, this is the place to be!



Huanglongxi Ancient Town - one of top 10 ancient water towns in China



Huanglongxi Ancient Town, which is situated on the southwestern edge of Chengdu Shuangliu District, is about 43 kilometers away from Chengdu downtown.


This town has existed for more than 1,700 years. It is a historical and cultural ancient town of Sichuan Province, as well as a provincial-level tourist attraction. Additionally, the ancient town has received many honorary titles for its rich natural landscapes and humanistic tourism resources.


(Photo by Huanglongxi Ancient Town)


The ancient street is scattered with stores selling local snacks and special old objects, ancient trees towering for more than one hundred years, ancient folk houses in pile dwelling style, and traditional activities of Sichuan features presented in this ancient town. You may stroll along the old walkway and taste the local snacks, which are really enjoyable!


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