Top 10 Ancient Towns Around Chengdu Ⅰ
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Jiezi Ancient Town - top water town in western Sichuan & backyard garden of Mount Qingcheng



Located at the foot of Fengqi Mountain and close to Qingcheng Mountain, the ancient town is a charming place that combines natural scenery and cultural sites. It is only about 60 kilometers from Chengdu downtown.


(Photo by 稀晨 winco)


Enjoying continuous flow of clear water all year round and a humid climate, Jiezi Ancient Town is called the "Top Water Town in Western Sichuan" and the "Hometown of Orchard". In this town, there are many historical sites and natural attractions for visitors to explore, including the Guangyan Buddha Hall, the Yulong Bridge, the Fengqishan Mount Scenic Area, ginkgo trees of more than one thousand years, primary forests, the Shanggu Temple, and an ancient tower from the Qing Dynasty(1636-1912). Don't forget to enjoy the spectacular view of the whole ancient town from the Yulong Bridge.



Haiwozi Ancient Town - the cradle of the ancient Shu civilization



Located in the Xinxing town of Pengzhou, the Haiwozi Ancient Town shares the same origin as the Sanxingdui Ruins and the Jinsha Site. The distance between the Haiwozi Ancient Town and Chengdu downtown is about 65 kilometers.


According to the Chronicles of Huayang, this town is the place where the ancient Shu state evolved and prospered. This historic town has been around for over 200 years. The ancient streets of Haiwozi are located next to the Longmen Mountains and the Jianjiang River. Additionally, the precise division of functional and aesthetic parts in the town's architecture reflects the characteristics of the traditional dwellings in Western Sichuan.


(Photo by 木辛)


In this area, flowers and greenery are planted in front of every house. In the meantime, due to its mountainous location, it does not get very hot throughout the summer, making it an ideal place to escape the heat.



Yuantong Ancient Town - the miniature of Along the River During the Qingming Festival (Qingming Shanghe Tu)



Located in Chongzhou and close to Qingcheng Mountain, the distance between the Yuantong Ancient Town and Chengdu downtown is only about 55 kilometers. Yuantong Ancient Town can be regarded as a relatively low-key ancient town around Chengdu. However, this ancient town with over 1,000 years of history has a vibrant living atmosphere and many delicious foods.


This ancient town, built along the river, was once an important wharf in history more than 1,600 years ago. Since ancient times, Yuantong has had three features: the confluence of three rivers, Huang's Former Residence, and the Yongli Bridge.


(Photo by Li Anqing)


Such an ancient town is a great place to learn about history. Hope you can enjoy the calmness and charm of Yuantong!



Jiaguan Ancient Town - a courier station along the Silk Road



Located in Qionglai City, the distance between the Jiaguan Ancient Town and Chengdu downtown is about 115 kilometers. Jiaguan Ancient Town is one of three important ancient towns in Qionglai City and has a history of more than 2,000 years. The town's abundance of historical sites and tea can be traced to its former role as a courier station along the Ancient Tea Horse Road(Southern Silk Road). It is highly known for making quality Qionglai black tea all over the world. There are also interesting activities available, such as picking tea leaves and tea tasting. It's a great place to get away from the busy city life.


(Photo by 末有句点。)


If you want to see a panoramic view of Jiaguan, simply go to the back of the hill at the top of the tea mountain, which has a wonderful observation deck.



Pingle Ancient Town - the first town on Ancient Tea Horse Road



Located in Qionglai City, the distance between the Pingle Ancient Town and Chengdu downtown is 95 kilometers. There are many historical sites in the town because it was a courier station along the Ancient Tea Horse Road.


(Photo by Li Anqing)


In Pingle, there is a river that runs through the ancient town. In this town, you can see traditional stilt houses by the Baimo River, streets paved with blue stones, banyan trees aged over one thousand years, and exuberant and boundless bamboos. Everything in this place helps tourists relax and refresh.


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