Winter in Litang: Have You Started Your Journey?
Author: 游理塘 2023-11-16
A frozen and pristine land awaits your exploration. Litang County, located in the Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Garzê in Sichuan, is hailed as the "City in the Sky", a place full of mystery and charm.
Here in winter, it is as beautiful as a poem, as if stepping into a pure ice and snow world. Winter in Litang County boasts a rich snowscape culture.
The snow-capped mountains, glaciers, and lakes here glisten under the winter sun, like radiant pearls embedded in the earth of western Sichuan.
On the frozen lakes of Litang County, you can feel the serene and magnificent winter scenery.
In the winter of Litang County, there is also an essential activity – enjoying the snow scenery and taking memorable photos.
The snowscapes here are picturesque, whether it's the spectacular snow-capped mountains or delicate ice sculptures, they are all worth capturing with your camera, leaving behind beautiful memories.
Winter in Litang, a frozen and pristine land, awaits your exploration. Come and together let's appreciate the endless charm of this snowy paradise!
Source: 游理塘
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