Chinese cherry vs American cherry
author: GoChengdu 2021-04-23
Cherry is back in season again! A cursory taste of the red seasonal cherry will deliver a whole world of sweetness. Well, American cherry is unhappy: "By color or by taste, I am no less than Chinese cherry." Can you differentiate between the two?
In fact, Chinese cherry and American Cherry are cherries of different strains.
In terms of taste, Chinese cherry is sweet and sour, and American cherry is pure sweet! Chinese cherries have thin and soft skins, and therefore are not easy to preserve. The American one has firm pulp. As food preservation technology improves, cherries can be transported from coast to coast and exported to China. Are there any American cherries growing locally in China? In the 1870s, European sweet cherries were introduced to China and were mainly planted in Shandong province. As ages went by, they were localized and developed into another sort of Chinese domestic cherries. Their taste is as good as American cherry!
Well, are you better at telling them apart now? Which cherry do you prefer?