DIY Steamed Pumpkin Buns
author: GoChengdu 2020-02-21
For today's DIY recipe we recommend the steamed pumpkin bun, which is tasty, nutritious and very healthful and looks like a tiny fresh tangerine.
Ingredients: pumpkin, 100g; high-gluten flour, 240g; water, 30g; dried yeast, 2g; orange leaves (for decoration)
Step 1: cut the pumpkin into small pieces, put them into a bowl, cover with a plastic wrap and then steam the bowl until the pumpkin becomes soft; mash the pumpkin;
Step 2: put yeast into a cup of water, and wait for 2 minutes;
Step 3: knead the mashed pumpkin and flour into dough; put the dough in a bowl and cover it with a plastic wrap, put it in a warm place till it expands;
Step 4: knead the dough and divide it into chunks about 35g each;
Step 5: roll the dough into buns, wrap them with a clean towel, and then press it gently, which will make the surface of the dough look like the skin of the tangerine.
Step 6: make a hole in the buns with a chopstick (for putting the leaf on it);
Step 7: cover the dough balls in a bowl with plastic wrap, wait for 20 minutes;
Step 8: steam the dough for 15 minutes;
Step 9: decorate the buns with orange leaves.