DIY Sichuan Hotpot
author: Amy 2020-02-26
Sichuan hotpot is a very popular food in Chengdu with distinctive local flavors, noted for its spicy, electrifying tastes, a wide variety of ingredients and loved by locals and city visitors alike, especially for family dinner or social gatherings.
The good news is, probably to your surprise, that making authentic Sichuan hotpot at home is much easier than you may think.
Now follow us to DIY hotpot, have fun in the making process and a good appetite afterwards.
Click the video first:
(Video by Bay)
1. Equipment: a portable butane burner or induction cooker, and maybe you need longer chopsticks to avoid the splashes or being burnt;
2. Condiments (you can buy all these at local supermarkets, groceries and farm produce markets);
3. Ingredients: meat, vegetables, seafood, tofu and so on.
1. Slice the meat or potatoes into thin pieces;
2. Soup base: Add ginger/scallion/garlic/dried chili/sichuan peppercorns in the pot with heated cooking oil; add the hotpot condiments and stir fry them with several rock sugar. Then add water into the pot, mix well and wait till it is boiling.
3. The dipping sauce: coriander + spring onions + fresh smashed garlic + oyster sauce + cooking oil. There are no rules for the dipping sauce. You can choose according to your likes.
4. Ready to eat
Once the soup is boiling, you can put the ingredients into the pot. After a few seconds, the thinly sliced meat and vegetables are ready to eat, often after being dipped in a garlic flavored sauce. In northern China, sesame paste is more popular.