Many First Stores Introduced to Chengdu in Q1 2021
author: GoChengdu 2021-07-30

In 2020, Chengdu introduced 386 first stores, ranking the third nationwide after Shanghai and Beijing, continuing to top the "New First-Tier Cities" list.


Chengdu Chunxi Road Commercial Area


According to Savills' 2021 Q1 Chengdu Real Estate Market Review and Outlook dated March 31, Chengdu continued to introduce the first stores of many famous brands interested in the market. Among them, Maia Active and Particle Fever, two emerging Chinese sports brands, opened their first stores in South-West China in Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li and Mixc City (Phase 2). A Few Good Kids, a celebrity fashion brand, was settled on F2, Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li. Hamleys, a British toy retailer supplying the royal family, opened its first store in South-West China in Red Star Macalline Life Aesthetics Center. Steiff, a famous Germany-based toy brand, was settled on B1, Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li, and TOP TOY, an Asian multi-brand fashion store, entered Chengdu IFS.


Coffee dominated the list of the food and beverage brands first introduced to Chengdu. Seesaw Coffee, a Shanghai-based boutique coffee shop, is located in Joy City and KWG M∙Cube.


Chengdu expects to see an additional 500,000 square meters of retail space in the next three quarters, according to the report. This year, a plethora of shopping complexes in Chengdu are ready for store renovation and improvement. A multitude of community-oriented shops will spring up to prove that "smaller but better" is in at the present. The retail market of Chengdu will provide more variety in form and customer experience.

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