Sichuan Cuisine Takes Center Stage in Tokyo
author: GoChengdu 2018-04-10
The 2018 Sichuan Food Festival, jointly launched by China National Tourism Administration Tokyo Office, Sichuan Tourism Development Commission, Chengdu Culture & Tourism Development Group, and Mala Alliance (Japan), was held in Tokyo, Japan. The opening ceremony of the festival was celebrated on April 7 in Shinjuku Central Park.
More than 40,000 local residents swarmed the ceremony, sharing Sichuan dishes and snacks, watching the cooking show of Japanese chefs specializing in Sichuan cuisine and showed great interest in the performances highlighting Chengdu cultural elements, including Sichuan Opera, the giant panda and Sichuan tea rituals, etc.

Sichuan cuisine plays an active role in promoting the city image of Chengdu on the international stage. The cuisine is known for its diverse flavors and cooking methods, particularly the bold and imaginative application of flavoring ingredients that results in the consummate blend of flavors to provide a varied gustatory experience.
A selection of typical Sichuan dishes and snacks, such as Mapo Tofu, Dan Dan Noodles, Ye'er Ba (glutinous rice cake stuffed with meat or sugar and wrapped in plant leaves) and Juntun Pancake were served at site, attracting a large number of visitors in long queues at the food stalls.
The foods and shows, such as face-changing, tea ritual and Erhu performance, thrilled the audience, who kept taking photos with their smart phones.
"The knowledge of a city begins with tasting local foods," said Wang Wei, director of the National Tourism Administration Tokyo Office, "And the event offers an opportunity for the Japanese people to know more about Chengdu and its culture through the Sichuan cuisine."