US Media Delegation Has a Real Taste of Sichuan
author: GoChengdu 2018-04-23
The 12-member delegation consisting of prestigious staff from US media including The New York Times, Architectural Digest, USA Today and Travel Weekly tasted representative Sichuan dishes, had lectures on Sichuan cuisine, and visited several iconic scenic spots in downtown Chengdu like the Kuanzhai Alleys during the visit.
The US visitors were invited to take part in the "Global Sichuan Cuisine Restaurant and Marketing Campaign of Sichuan Gourmet Tour" hosted by Sichuan Provincial Tourism Development Commission and organized by Chengdu Culture & Tourism Group. Since 2016, the "Campaign' has been held all over the world to promote Sichuan cuisine and attracted a large number of tourists to Chengdu to explore the root culture of Sichuan, with "tasty food" and "beautiful scenery" as the two name cards of Sichuan.
On April 11, Peng Ziyu, a nearly 80 years-old Sichuan Cuisine Master who has been dedicated to the research of Sichuan Cuisine for over 50 years, introduced the culture of Sichuan Cuisine and showed the media guests how to make the classic Sichuan dish - Mapo Tofu at "San Chuan Jiu Wei", a Sichuan Cuisine cooking experiencing space. With his introduction, a splendid picture scroll of Sichuan Cuisine was unfolded in front of the representatives.
From daily dishes of hundred flavors to seafood and mushrooms, Sichuan cuisine has thrilled people with its "strong flavor" of being hot, spicy, fresh and fragrant and "light flavor" of being sweet, strange and pot-stewed. Under the guidance of the chef, the media members also tried to make SIchuan dishes.
"The members are deeply impressed by the experience in Chengdu, despite the fact that we may boast we have tasted so many delicious foods all over the world ― we are impressed by the real Sichuan food," said Danica Lo, member of the delegation and reporter from Food & Wine Magazine.
"Before we arrived here, the only notion of the city (Chengdu) was the giant pandas," she admitted.
The fever of Sichuan cuisine is sweeping across the world in recent years and Chengdu, the UNESCO's City of Gastronomy, has become the destination for real Sichuan cuisine among a growing number of tourists worldwide.