Metro + Sharing Bike Theme Card to be Issued

Authors: Go Chengdu


The metro+sharing bike theme card will be issued on this Sunday.

Sharing Bike


Theme Card

Chengdu Rail Transit and the Mobike Company will join hands to launch the Metro + Sharing Bike theme card in order to promote the concept of green transport and green city life. The first issue will come on the market on March 12.
The sharing bike is becoming a very popular way of transport for its convenience, energy and space saving purposes and is welcome by the general public. The first issue of the cards will be sold on Sunday at 18 spots by the Metro lines.
The commemorative theme card, with the giant panda in the design, is sold at RMB30 and is valid for six rides during the period from the issue day to the end of the year, distance unlimited. It also has an attachment of a Mobike coupon worth RMB5.

Price: RMB30

This special commemorative card is for six Metro rides, distance unlimited, with the expiration till Dec 31, 2017.

Spots to buy the card:

Metro Line1: Luomashi, Tianfu Squre, Sichuan Gymnasium, Century City, 3rd Tianfu Street.

Metro Line2: Xipu, Chadianzi Bus Terminal, Chunxi Road, East Chengdu Railway Station, Longquanyi.

Metro Line3: Military General Hospital, Chengdu Zoo, Hongpailou, Xinnanmen

Metro Line4: Intangible Cultural Heritage Park, Wide and Narrow Alleys, Wannianchang, West Qingjiang Road.

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