Chengdu Metro Line 7

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Information on the newly-opened Chengdu Metro Line 7, including stops and hot spots along the route.
As the first circular metro line running across the central areas of Chengdu, Chengdu Metro Line 7 forms a circuit between the second and the third ring roads of the city. With a length of 38.6km (24 miles), it has 31 stations and links major transportation hubs including North Railway Station, South Railway Station and East Railway Station.
It takes about 66 minutes to finish the whole course, at an average speed of 35.26km/h.
Mobile payment via WeChat and Alipay is available on the ticket vending machines at all stations along the line.
Service Hours: 06:15-22:55
*Stops along the Line
Cuijiadian崔家店, Shuangdian Road双店路, Huaishudian槐树店, Yinghui Road迎晖路, East Railway Station成都东客站, Daguan大观站, Shizishan狮子山, Sichuan Normal University四川师大, Liulichang琉璃场, Sanwayao三瓦窑, South Railway Station火车南站, Shenxianshu神仙树, Gaopeng Avenue高朋大道, Taipingyuan太平园, Wuhou Avenue武侯大道, Longzhuayan龙爪堰, Dongpo Road东坡路, Cultural Palace文化宫, Jinsha Site Museum金沙博物馆, Yipintianxia一品天下, Chadianzi茶店子, Huazhaobi花照墙壁, Southwest Jiaotong University西南交大, Jiulidi九里堤, West 2nd Road of North Railway Station北站西二路, North Railway Station火车北站, Simaqiao驷马桥, Fuqing Road府青路, Balizhuang八里庄, Erxianqiao二仙桥, Chengdu University of Technology理工大学
North Railway Station & South Railway Station: Transfer to Line 1
Simaqiao: Transfer to Line 3
Huaishudian & Culture Palace: Transfer to Line 4
East Railway Station & Yipintianxia: Transfer to Line 2
Taipingyuan: Transfer to Line 3 & Line 10
*Hot Spots along the Line
Jinsha Site Museum: a theme museum for the conservation and exhibition of relics of the ancient Shu Kingdom
Yipintianxia: a primary center of catering businesses in the city
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