Chengdu Metro Line 5

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Information on Chengdu Metro Line 5 including the stops, the timetable and the hot spots along the route.
With 41 stations along its way, Chengdu Metro Line 5 stretches about 49km, connecting the Shuangliu District in the south and the Xindu District in the north. The first and second phases of Chengdu Metro Line 5 have been put into operation on December 27, 2019.
The route starts from Huilong Station and intersects Chengdu Metro Line 2 and 4 at Chengdu University of TCM & Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital, Chengdu Metro Line 3 at Gaoshengqiao, Chengdu Metro Line 7 at 2nd Beizhan Road West and Shenxianshu.
Stops along the Line (south—north):
Huilong回龙、Longma Road龙马路、Gaofeng高峰、Nanhu Flyover南湖立交、Erjiang Temple二江寺、Armed Police College警官学院、Qilong骑龙、Minle民乐、Dayuan大源、Jincheng Lake锦城湖、Jincheng Avenue锦城大道、Jiaozi Avenue交子大道、Chengdu 1st People's Hospital市一医院、Shiyang Flyover石羊立交、Shenxianshu神仙树、Jiuxing Avenue九兴大道、Keyuan科园、Gaoshengqiao高升桥、Sichuan Provincial Orthopedic Hospital省骨科医院、Qingyang Taoist Temple青羊宫、Chengdu University of TCM & Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital中医大省医院、Fuqin抚琴、Huapaifang花牌坊、Xibeiqiao西北桥、2nd Beizhan Road West北站西二路、Saiyuntai塞云台、Wukuaishi五块石、Funing Road福宁路、Dongzikou洞子口、Quanshui Road泉水路、Gubai古柏、Huanghuayuan皇家园、Shixi Park石犀公园、Dafeng大丰、Dujianian杜家碾、Jiudaoyan九道堰、Xingfuqiao幸福桥、Chengdu International Trade City北部商贸城、Liaojiawan廖家湾、Baishuichang柏水场、Huagui Road华桂路
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Sights along the Line (southwest—northeast):
Jincheng Lake Stop
Jincheng Lake Wetland Park: one of the largest parks in the urban area and one of the six wetland parks around urban Chengdu.
Gaoshengqiao Stop
Jinli Street: one of the most popular tourist destinations in downtown Chengdu featuring old-style buildings, local snacks and folk handicraft shops
Wuhouci Shrine: the most influential museum of the Three Kingdoms culture in China
Qingyang Taoist Temple Stop
Qingyang Temple: one of the most famous Taoist temples in China, with many important exhibits of Taoist relics
Ticket Price: starting price, 2 yuan; full-length fare, 10 yuan
Timetable for Your Reference:

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