Chengdu Metro Line 4

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Information on Chengdu Metro Line 4, including the stops, hot spots along the route and the timetable of its running.
Starting service on December 26, 2015, Chengdu Metro Line 4 is a major subway traffic that links the city’s east and west. The route intersects the Line 1 at Luomashi Station and Line 2 at Chengdu University of TCM & Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital.
Chengdu metro line 4 line map
Stops along the Line (from east to west)
Wannianchang万年场 Shuangqiao Road双桥路 Yushuang Road玉双路 Second Chengdu People’s Hospital市二医院 Taisheng Road South太升南路 Luomashi骡马市 Kuaizhaixiangzi Alleys宽窄巷子 Chengdu University of TCM & Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital中医大省医院 Caotang Road North草堂北路 Southwestern University of Finance and Economics西南财大 Cultural Palace文化宫站 Qingjiang Road West清江西路 Chengdu West Railway Station成都西站 Zhongba中坝 Caiqiao蔡桥 Intangible Cultural Heritage Park (ICH Park) 非遗博览园
Hot Spots along the Line
Jinsha Site Museum: a museum that houses the relics, exhibitions, and a conservation center
Du Fu’s Thatched Cottage Museum: a park and museum to commemorate Du Fu, one of the greatest poets in the Chinese history, with a large collection of relics and various editions of the poet’s works on display
Wide and Narrow Alleys: a community of old-style architecture and vestiges of life styles in old Chengdu
Chengdu Culture Park: a site for various cultural activities of local people, with lush vegetation and a number of relics and constructions of importance.
chengdu merto line 4 timetable

Hand-drawn Map of Chengdu Metro Line 4 Shows Tourist Sites Along the Route

Local artist Guo Jinsong, who has moved from Leshan City to settle in Chengdu, has recently published his new painting work that provides an artistic presentation of the stations and nearby tourist attractions along the first phase of Chengdu Metro Line 4, which is expected to be put into service by the end of this year.

Dec 09, 2015

Chengdu Metro Line 2

Information on Chengdu Metro Line 2 including the stops, the timetable and the hot spots along the route.

Jul 16, 2016

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