Getting around Chengdu? Here's What You Need

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GoChengdu's cartoon figure GoPan is providing foreign passengers in the city with ride-hailing coupons!
As the Chinese New Year approaches, the people of Chengdu are busy making preparations for the most important traditional festival of the year!
During the Chinese New Year (also known as Spring Festival) holidays, Chengdu locals will be sure to celebrate the Lantern Festival at the annual Temple Fair.
A customary ritual to worship the God of Happiness (also known as the God of Auspiciousness) and have a reunion dinner with their families.
Of course, due to its convenience and speed, many will grab a "DiDi" when going out.
Online ride-hailing certainly makes things easier when traveling around during the holiday season.
What kinds of transportation do foreigners usually use when they are in Chengdu?
A friend of GoPan, Helen is going to show her friends how to use the English version of ride-hailing App, DiDi. Let's see what kinds of transportation her friends often use to tour around the city.
In Chengdu, the following modes of transportation offer Chinese-English services
1. Bus stops are announced in English and Chinese;
2. Five-star drivers can communicate in simple English with foreign passengers.
1. Metro stations are announced in English and Chinese;
2. Chinese-English information displayed on self-service equipment, and
3. Chinese-English services at ticketing offices.
Online ride-hailing
The English version of the online ride-hailing App, DiDi , is available for reserving Express, Premier, and Taxi service in Chengdu.
DiDi's English version will provide bike-sharing services soon.
On behalf of the GoChengdu team, GoPan is giving our readers coupons for the English version of DiDi to use in Chengdu.
How to get the coupon: scan the Q&R code and click the "阅读原文" at the end of this article
Deadline: prior to January 31
Note: the coupon is for the English version of the DiDi App use in Chengdu only
Period of validity of the coupon:
January: before January 31
February: February 11-18
Limited supply!
GoChengdu reserves the right to the final explanation of the event.

Chengdu Holds New Year Reception for Foreign Consular Officers

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2019 Chengdu Temple Fair

The 2019 Chengdu Temple Fair to open on Feb 3, will present a lantern show, cultural performances, a bazaar of handicrafts featuring local intangible cultural heritage, a fair of food and snacks, etc.

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Chengdu to Hold 12th Chinese Golden Bell Award for Music Competition

The 12th Chinese Golden Bell Award for Music Competition is schedule to take place in October here in Chengdu. It will be the first time for the national grand music event to be held in western China. And it is believed to give great impetus to Chengdu in developing its music brands, pooling music resources and boosting the music industry.

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Foreign Guests Call for Deeper Ties with Chengdu

At the 2018 Chengdu Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair (May 18-20), GoChengdu interviewed some foreign attendees about their views on and expectations of the relations between their home cities and Chengdu.

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