Meet in Chengdu When the Epidemic Is Over

Authors: Go Chengdu


Come to Chengdu when the epidemic is over and let's see what we can do together.
The outbreak of the COVID-19 has made us
fail to meet our friends during the Spring Festival holidays
to greet the spring sights decorated with peach blossoms...
But spring has come and the epidemic will eventually be gone
And everything will come to life.
And when the epidemic is over, come to Chengdu to enjoy all the most beautiful things in life: the delicacies, and the interesting places are waiting for you.
See the giant pandas
@ Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding
Located in the northeastern suburb of Chengdu, it is the largest community of captive giant pandas in the world. Apart from giant pandas, you can also see many other animals in the Base, such as red pandas, black-necked cranes, white storks, white swans, black swans, wild geese, mandarin ducks and peacocks.
Visit the "Lecture Room" of the Three Kingdoms culture
@ Wuhou Shrine Museum
Wuhou Shrine is the most famous memorial site for Three Kingdom heroes as well as the most significant museum of the culture of the Three Kingdoms Period (221-280).
Have a look at local architecture and folk customs
@ Jinli Street
Jinli Street is one of the most popular spots in downtown Chengdu, featuring old-style architecture of West Sichuan and local culture. The name "Jinli" dates back to the Han Dynasty about 2, 000 years ago and means "the street of embroidery workshops". As one of the most popular tourist attractions of Chengdu, Jinli Street is a paradise of Chengdu snacks, souvenirs, Sichuan Opera and various folk performances.
Visit the showcase of the city life
@ Wide and Narrow Alleys (Kuan Zhai Xiang Zi)
This is a pedestrian street consisting of three old alleys built in the Qing Dynasty. Strolling on the bluestone pavements in the alleys, you can get a glimpse of the splendid, leisurely and comfortable life of old times and find delights in a wide variety of shops.
Discover the legend of ancient Shu Kingdom
@ Jinsha Site Museum
A large number of relics, including pieces of ivory, gold and jade articles, bronze and stone tools have been unearthed at the site, providing evidence of the brilliant civilization of the ancient Shu Kingdom of more than 3, 000 years ago. The museum is believed as the first major archaeological discovery in China in the 21st century.
Find a poetic and picturesque scenery
@ Du Fu's Thatched Cottage Museum
Situated by the Huanhuaxi Brook, it was the residence of Du Fu (712-770AD, a great poet of Tang Dynasty) during his stay in Chengdu. It has now been transformed into a museum where you can experience the appeal of classical Chinese gardens and the cultural atmosphere.
Enjoy leisurely life as locals
@ teahouses in the city
Teahouses, tea booths, tea salons and tearooms dot the downtown areas, alleys and parks in Chengdu. The bamboo chairs, small wooden tables, jasmine tea and Gaiwan Tea are the representatives of the local tea culture.
Teahouses in the parks and by the rivers are the best place to have a look into the daily life of ordinary people of the city. In such places you can also enjoy the ear-picking (or ear-cleaning), a joy to local residents and an extra to your city exploring experience.
Have hotpot
@ a hotpot restaurant
Dinner time and you'd smell the special aroma from hotpot restaurants in the streets and lanes of Chengdu—Chengdu locals show a special passion for hotpot, which is part of the happiness and satisfaction in Chengdu living.
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