Free-open Days for Tourist Sites in Chengdu in 2018

Authors: Go Chengdu


Information for wallet-friendly sightseeing experiences!

Chen's Compound

Chen's Compound is in Wenjiang District in western Chengdu that features the typical Sichuan-style residence.
Free admission: May 18
Add: Tian'e Village, Shou'an County, Wenjiang District

Guihu Lake Park

With a mirror-like lake and numerous old-style constructions around it, the park is a good place to appreciate the lotus and osmanthus.
Free admission: May 19
Add: Guihuzhong Road, Xindu District

Xiling Snow Mountains (Dafeishui Scenic Spot)

Xiling Snow Mountains are located in Dayi County, loved for its picturesque scenery and winter sports resorts.
The Dafeishui Scenic Spot on the front side of the mountain offers more wild and picturesque scenery all the year round.
Free admission: June 10
Add: Xiling Snow Mountains, Dayi County

Chengdu Botanical Garden

Boasting over 2,000 floral species, the Chengdu Botanical Garden welcomes visitors to
come to enjoy numerous kinds of plants and flowers in four seasons and breathe the fresh air.
Free admission: July 1
Add: Jinniu District

Tiantai Mountain

Tiantai Mountain is characterized by a variety of the Danxia landforms and a number of waterfalls.
Free admission: September 27
Add: Tiantai Town, Qionglai City
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