Fenghuang Lake to Reopen with Limit Number of Tourists

Authors: Go Chengdu


The cherry flowers are in full bloom at Chengdu's Fenghuang Lake (Phoenix Lake) Ecological Wetland Park in Qingbaijiang District in northern Chengdu.
According to its local authorities, the park will resume operation during the blooming period from March 16 to April 14, as the COVID-19 comes increasingly under control.
The daily visitor arrivals will be limited to 8,000 and all visitors are required to be registrated and wear masks throughout their trip.
Fenghuang Lake is located in North Chengdu's Qingbaijiang District and is the most popular destination for Chengdu people to have a view of cherry (or sakura) blossoms.
How to make reservations
Booking online: visitors need to do online registration 3 days earlier through the WeChat public account "Fenghuang Lake Ecological Wetland Park (凤凰湖生态湿地公园)", starting March 13. Only 4,000 visitors are granted admission for each day's morning and afternoon;
Avoid crowds: at the same time, 3,000 people are allowed to enter the site to avoid crowds;
Opening: 9:00-17:00, Starting March 16
Requirements: Each visitor entering the resort will be required to undergo temperature screening procedures and must wear masks, and they need to present their Health QR Code or other valid health certificates when entering dining venues.
Entrance: Gate 1 and Gate 4
Exit: South side of Hantang Street No. 603 bus parking emergency access; section 3 of Phoenix Avenue emergency access
During the peak period (Saturday, Sunday and Qingming Festival), one more entrance and exit will be added.

Fenghuang Lake (Phoenix Lake)

Fenghuang Lake is located in Qingbaijiang District and is the most popular destination for Chengdu people to have a view of sakura blossoms in spring.

Mar 11, 2016

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