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Various flowers are displaying their best in the season. We have taken some pictures and videos of the spectacular sights of the blossoms.
The city of Chengdu is putting on a display of flowers in spring as all kinds of flowers are coming into their blooming season. We have taken some pictures and videos of the blossoms for you to enjoy.
▲Cole Flowers on the Outskirts
A bee sucks nectar from a cole flower as the flowers are flourishing on the outskirts of Chengdu such as the townships at Tianfu New Area in the south, Wenjiang District and Chongzhou City in the west, where sprawling farmlands of flourishing rapeseed flowers are bathed in the warm sunlight in early spring.
▲Tulips, Narcissus, Corn Poppies by the Shixiang Lake
Dozens of tulips, narcissus and corn poppies are in full bloom at the Shixiang Lake Scenic Spot in Pujiang County, known as one of the best sites around Chengdu for flower appreciation.
▲Tulips at Flower Dance World
Flower Dance World in Xinjin County is entering into its best season in the year as the thousands of tulips in the park are in full bloom, dancing in the warm breezes in spring.
The park is an AAAA scenic spot for flower appreciation, entertainment and holiday tourism.
All these sites have resumed operation. However, we advise that tourists should have their temperatures taken and wear masks before entering.
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