Time to View Golden Ginkgo Leaves

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The ginkgo trees in Yunding Mountain in Jintang County in northeast Chengdu have changed into yellow and golden colors.
Ginkgo trees make sensational sights in the season as they change colors in late autumn and early winter,
standing proud with the brilliant yellow and golden leaves swaying in the breeze.
When the weather is fine, you can see crowds of people come out to take pictures of the trees around the city,
in parks, streets, campuses or even some remote mountain places.
Why Ginkgo Trees are so popular with locals?
According to Professor Lv Rongsen, from Chinese Academy of Sciences Chengdu Institute of Biology, the enthusiasm for ginkgo tree sights in the season mostly comes from people's appreciation of the tall, straight figure of the tree and the impressive colors of the leaves that add liveliness to the drab landscapes typical in the season.
The ginkgo tree is the city tree of Chengdu and there are thousands of ginkgo trees around the city.
Currently the ginkgo trees in Yunding Mountain in Jintang County in northeast Chengdu have changed into yellow and golden colors
due to the higher altitude and the lower temperature.
The Ciyun Temple on the top of Yunding Mountain is known not only for its ancient architecture and grand view of the surrounding areas,
but also for the two giant ginkgo trees in its courtyard, which are nearly 1,000 years old.
Transportation: North Bus Station or Jinsha Bus Station→Jintang County→Yunding Mountain

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