Steam Train Riding in Spring

Authors: Go Chengdu


When rapeseed flowers and paulownia blossoms are in full bloom, thousands of visitors come here to have a tour on the steam train and appreciate the scenery.
What fun it is when you ride an old-fashioned steam train, appreciating the blooming rapeseed blossoms amid the rhythmic sounds of the train running slowly through the sea of the bright yellow flowers on the rolling hills!
Have this interesting and nostalgic experience in Jianyang Mining Area of Qianwei County in southwestern Sichuan, about a two-hour-drive from Chengdu.
The steam train still in operation in Jianyang Mining Area has a more popular name as Jiayang Small Train, and is the only steam train running on the narrow-gauge railway in China (and even probably in the world). It runs on a 19.48-kilometer track, serving as the main traffic means for local residents and for a sightseeing vehicle for visitors, highly popular with tourists from near and far to see the splendid scene in spring featuring rapeseed flower fields and paulownia blossoms in the areas.
When rapeseed flowers and paulownia blossoms are in full bloom, thousands of visitors come here to appreciate the scenery and are captivated by the beautiful flowers, the picturesque terraced fields, the locally-styled farm houses, the breathtaking mountains and valleys, and the whistling of the train.
Tour Tips:
1. the train has two types of carriages, one for economic passengers starting at Shixi station and on for sightseeing passengers at Yuejin station;
2. the train has 6 or 7 departures every day from 9am and has 8 stops along the way; the round trip takes about 2.5 hours;
3. tourists are advised to go there on weekdays because there are fewer passengers.
Leshan City- Shixi Township
Shiyang Bus Station and Xinnanmen Tourist Distribution Center in downtown Chengdu
Sightseeing passengers: RMB80/single way
Hotels and hostels in Jiayang Mining Area or in Qianwei County proper
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