Popular Skiing Sites in Chengdu

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Skiing fans have their best time from December to March when mountains around Chengdu are covered with deep snow that makes the areas the wonderland for traveling and winter sports.

Emeishan (Emei Mountains)

The Ski Resort in the Emeishan, built in 1998, is the first skiing site in Sichuan. The resort with an area of over 8, 000 sqm finds its place on a flat field next to Leidongping and has skiing facilities imported from Austria, including the three UFO slides that are children's favorite. Sightseeing and snow fun programs also attract thousands of tourists.

Price: Leidongping Ski Resort, RMB 60/person

Opening: 9 am (Ticketing is closed at 5 pm)


Self-driving: Chengdu-Chengyu Ring Highway-Chengle Highway-Lehan Highway-Emeishan

Bus: Xinnanmen Bus Station-Emeishan

Train: North Railway Station-Emeishan Railway Station- Emeishan

Xiling Snow Mountains

Dubbed as the Oriental Alps, Xiling Snow Mountains is the largest snow resort around Chengdu and attracts visitors from Chengdu and neighboring places, as well as tourists from southeastern Asia every year. The ski resort is located in the rear mountains of Xiling Snow Mountains and there are six skiing courses.

Balloon rides are also very popular at the site as the riders can have a wonderful view of the surrounding forests and mountains covered with white snow.

Price: cableway, RMB60/person (round-trip); admission, RMB80/person

Address: Xiling Snow Mountains, Dayi County


Self-driving: Chengdu-Chengwenqiong Highway-Dayi County-Xiling Town-Ski Resort

Bus: Xinnanmen Bus Station or Jinsha Bus Station

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Chengdu Xiling Snow Mountains

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Nov 19, 2014

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